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Be the Light this Chanukah 

11/25/2021 07:54:37 PM


Rabbi Ilene Haigh and Phyllis Forbes President


If your rabbi was going to reach out, this Chanukah, of all Chanukahs and write to you, what in the world would she say?  It is indeed a dark time of year and for some this has been quite a year.  This year Chanukah falls on the cusp of Thanksgiving. A moment in time when our nation might, if we are very blessed, come together in gratitude and appreciation focusing on what matters most. Yet we know that there is also deep pain and brokenness.  As we consider these eight nights, reflecting on the flames that light our windows, sharing on zoom in our ancient ritual, beyond the gifts, and the opportunities for tzedakah, and social justice and beyond the latkes, and chocolate and the dreidels… how might we each re-dedicate ourselves, just as the temple was rededicated?  How do we take the pain and the frustration of the past year and through sheer will and grace and optimism, transform it into hope?  What can we do to remember that we are not alone, that our beautiful Jewish community is here…As we light our candles this year, may we understand that these lights reflecting off the windows of our souls might be full of hope and promise, of Presence and of wonder?  This year be the light – join us as we work together to make this world a better place. 

With love from our homes to yours,

Rabbi Ilene Harkavy Haigh and President Phyllis Forbes

Shir Shalom VT

A treatise on Light

Light is the most amazing thing

As we use the light to bring more light

The first light remains undiminished

As we use the light of the chanukiah

To illuminate our hearts

We are reminded

of those that gave their lives

That we might be free

And those for whom

We give our hearts and souls

To continue our tradition

To bring light into the world.

May these lights 

Inspire us toward goodness

Toward peace and towards wholeness.

Fri, July 12 2024 6 Tammuz 5784