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Today is Sukkot

09/22/2021 03:02:16 PM


Rabbi Ilene Haigh

Today is Sukkot - for a number of complex and boring administrative reasons I’m not near my shul sukkah or my yet to be built home sukkah.
I was on the beach with a dear friend - we were admiring the hundreds of birds settled along the shore.
At one point about 800 birds ascended in flight around us. We almost felt like we had to duck in order to keep from being hit. It was almost an argyle configuration and it felt to me like they, these gorgeous graceful birds were making a sukkah above our heads. It was extraordinary.
It was not normal.
We were awed under this sukkat shelomecha. Awed by the shelter and the wonder.
Chag sameach my friends. May you too find shelter beneath the wings of the  Shechinah

Wed, June 19 2024 13 Sivan 5784