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20's & 30's...40's

We know that participating in Temple life, at this point in your lives, is neither natural nor easy. So we at Shir Shalom Vermont ask you to consider a few things. First, this is not your parents’ shul. Second, we believe there is much more to Jewish life than attending services.

Finally, this is your community. What would you like it to look like?

  • Join us Wednesday nights on Zoom for a check-in. 8:30 PM each Wednesday (BYOB)
  • Join us the first Sunday of each month for Shir Chadash, a space for new parents to compare notes and consider what it means to raise these new miracles in a Jewish modality.
  • We are thinking of creating a co-working space in the shul, for times when working from home might be just one step too far.  Email: for possibilities.
  • Consider joining the Tikkun Olam committee, because Social Action is not just a bumper sticker at Shir Shalom. Email Micah Heaney-Forbes:
Thu, February 22 2024 13 Adar I 5784